How To Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind.

Simple steps to lose weight sanely. A loving perspective on weight loss and diets, and how to stay on track to reach your weight loss goal. Also, a few things

There is no end to weight loss advice. The internet is awash in diets of every description, not to mention gadgets, gizmos, lotions, potions, pills and more to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Eat Like a Parisienne and Lose Weight is an excellent article to help you focus on realistic ways to attain your ideal weight. This is a very sane article that reminds you that you did not gain your weight overnight and should not expect to lose it overnight either.

It’s Not About Losing Weight. It’s About Being Healthy.

Remember, this is really about being healthy. Your body weight is just one factor. Ultimately, it’s about enjoying your life. If you don’t know how to do that already, understand that it may be a lengthy process with many ups and downs.

As you pursue your weight loss goals, remember to be kind and loving to yourself. One way to look at this is to think of yourself as a child. You are both the child and an adult supervising the child. To be safe, it’s important for the child to stay on the sidewalk, but like most children their attention often wanders and they lose sight of their original goals.

They might wander off the sidewalk. Do no abuse the child when this happens. Simply and lovingly remind the child of her goal and guide her back on the sidewalk.

Always a Kind, Loving Touch.

Use this same method as you learn to be healthy. When you lose focus or slip off the path, simply and lovingly remind yourself of your intention.

Your right weight is the weight you should be able to attain without the fear of piling on excess kilos when you resume a normal diet or eating routine. So how do you … This phase allows for rapid weight loss of 3.5 to five kilograms in three weeks …and more »

…More at Eat like a Parisienne and lose weight – The Daily Telegraph


For more healthy tips, inspiration and perspective on health and losing weight. You want to visit the links below. It realy is about being healthy. Once you learn to properly nourish your body you will find it much easier to maintain a proper weight.

Suggested Reading.

Be sure to read about how diets book lie to us. Remember, when it comes to diet books, it’s more about marketing than actually helping anyone succeed. Weight loss is a massive market and diet books are published in a constant stream to cash in on this endless market.

This is why it is so important to learn to be healthy and happy. The articles below can help.

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