Victoza Weight Loss Stories

First person accounts of what it is like to use Victoza for weight loss. Gathered from the web, read and hear people tell of their experiences with Victoza.

So, what is it like to actually use Victoza for weight loss? Below are some first person accounts as they tell in their own words their Victoza weight loss story. First, blogger April In Alabama gives a detail account of her experience with Victoza, particularly the first few days.

April takes aim at the southern chef and cooking show maven, Paula Deen, who is also the spokesperson for Victoza. Inspite of Paula Deen’s calorie packed dishes, she has lost weight, but does not directly say that her weight loss was because of Victoza. It’s a matter of reading between the lines.

Below April’s blog post, you will find three entries of a video blog where you will hear a personal victoza weight loss story.

What you will probably learn from this humble Victoza weight loss review is that Victoza is not a miracle pill. There is a price to pay to lose weight with Victoza.

All I can say is, If Paula Deen went through this to lose weight,and get her diabetes under control, God Bless her Heart! No wonder you lose weight!  You are sick for a week!

I called doctor today. Told them I have all the side effects!  They said that it will go away. When?  She says in about 7 days!  7 Days!!  I have 4 more days to go!!

Upside, I have lost 5 pounds since Tuesday.  Downside, I am to sick to care! All I have had in 2 days is some Cheerios no milk yesterday and plain oatmeal this morning, It says in this booklet, to drink lots of water so you don’t dehydrate, because that can lead to Kidney Failure!…

Victoza Weight Loss Video Blog:

Day I.

This video blog begins with the first day. The speaker reveiws her experience at the hospital where she got the first injection of Victoza. She also tells how easy it was to give herself the second shot, and she is afraid of needles.

Day 3.

Actual weight lost, 3.3 pounds.


End of Week I.

Here she tells of her experience of the first week of Victoza injections and her weight loss.

The impression I get is that weight loss with Victoza is like getting a stomach bug on purpose so you’ll be too sick to eat. Not exactly a success story, although they both lost weight. But, really, is losing weight really the goal? Maybe it would be wiser to learn how to be healthy. There are plenty of skinny people who are not healthy.
If there is a Victoza weight loss success story, it is probably merely a snapshot in time. Yes, people lose weight with the help of Victoza, but the real measure of weight loss success is when the weight stays off.
Usually, it doesn’t because the focus is simply on losing weight and not establishing healthy habits. The truth is people who are overweight are overweight because of their habits and because of the foods they eat. They are not overweight because they do not have enough Victoza in their bodies.
Victoza can give a boost to weight loss efforts, however, for best results and long term weight management, a healthy lifestyle must be adopted.

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